The Hook Stands

The global reach of the death of George Floyd stunned us all. It should not have. Systemic racism knows no national boundaries and does not restrict itself to one group or another. It exists, unfortunately, everywhere, sometimes in disguise and sometimes, appallingly, in plain sight.

Let’s make this change now.


We will rebuild. And we will be a part of the rebuilding of our neighborhood and our city, both in bricks and mortar and the necessary changes to its institutions. It will take commitment, time and working together to gather again the vitality and diversity that existed at Lake & Minnehaha. The outpouring of well wishes, sympathy, and offers of help that we received were deeply appreciated.

The Firehouse Performing Arts Center will continue our mission to be independent, to create safe spaces, and a platform for the diverse voices within our community. Part of our rebuilding is using the awesome power of art and music to teach, inform and change the world. We are honored to take on this task. Please join us in facing these challenges.

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. ~ James Baldwin

The Hook Stands

Art By Jesse Brodd – Painting Completed 4/20/20