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Billy Iuso with guests Kung Fu Hippies

Billy Iuso featuring Reggie Scanlan (The Radiators) on bass, Eddie Christmas (New Orleans Suspects) on drums, Joe Ashlar on keys (Dr. John) Friday September 23 "Hook After Dark" The Hook and Ladder Theater

When a music maker finds their calling, little can stop them from sharing their gift. It’s the passion for the song, the fire in the music, the drive to make other people smile that keeps musicians going even through the toughest times. It’s what motivated Billy Iuso for the past 30+ years of playing, what saved him during the pandemic, and what has encouraged him to stay singing.

Jay Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel

Jay Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel with Special Guests The Rope, Rosegarden Funeral Party on Friday May 27th at The Hook and Ladder Theater

For a band to stay relevant across decades is unusual — but to do so with much of the same line-up for most of that time is exceptional. Such is the case with Gene Loves Jezebel, which indicates that these musicians come together not only out of an appreciation for the memorable music they create, but also because they truly like and respect each other.