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New Primitives – HookStream
Thursday, June 25, 2020
Live Stream From The Hook and Ladder Theater
Concert – 8pm

10% of proceeds will be donated to the The Headwaters Foundation For Justice

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New Primitives was founded in 2003 by Stanley Kipper, a veteran drummer of the Southern California music scene. Leading up to the formation of the Prims, Stan had established his presence by playing with such legendary acts as Jay Ferguson, Joe Walsh, The Bee Gees, Randy Meisner, Minnie Ripperton, Gypsy and Bill Withers, as well as acting as producer on many albums. He enlisted long time friend, collaborator, Percussion expert, and former Gypsy bandmate Chico Perez, who himself had performed with recognizable names like Crow, Seventh Wave, and Colla. With Stan on Drums and lead vocals and Chico on Congas and Backing Vocals they, along with a handful of other musicians formed the initial line-up of New Primitives, and the journey began.

The music is a mixture of different genres, Reggae/Ska, R&B, Afro Cuban, World Music, deep Funk and American Rock and Roll. Sometimes all played at the same time. New Primitive live shows are legendary, big fun, hypnotic, dance filled events where the music is designed to bring the performers and the audiences into greater focus and deep into the groove, all day or night long! Prim’s bring a unique vibe unmatched by any of their contemporaries!

The band’s eclectic sound can be traced to the diversity seen in the band’s lineup.The band can easily be described as a “Great American Melting Pot” with members from across the country with a broad range of influences. You have the Southern California Pop and R&B of Stan Kipper, the Latin and world elements of Minnesota’s Chico Perez, and the New Orleans Funk and Soul influences come from Louisiana man Brian Powers. To top it off New Primitives features Michigan born Andrew Wozniak, Wisconsin’s own Patrick Nelson, and New Mexico native Joe Peterson.

Stan and Chico aren’t the only members with excellent careers to draw inspiration from either. Brian “Snowman” Powers rounds out the front line of the band on Saxophone and Backing Vocals. Snowman is a journeyed Saxophonist who’s played with the likes of Blues Traveler, The Samples, & Dave Matthews along with being a record producer who has worked with Grammy Award winning artists such as Darnell Davis & the Remnant, and Victor Wooten. And rounding out the line up are Andy, Pat, and Joe who are some of the most respected musicians in Minnesota.